Tom Hanks Thank You Card

Tom Hanks, T. Hanks, get it? What better way to say thank you than with the world's most likable actor?


Santa Hat Flask

What better way to get into the spirit of Christmas than by taking secret shots while giving presents to kids?


Men's Underwear With Secret Stash

Because no one would ever dare look down dare.


Rocket Ship Tissue Dispenser

This cleverly designed tissue dispenser looks like it's always on blast mode.


Portable Soft Cooler Bag

Do away with bulky, squarish coolers; strap this up on you and bring booze to more obscure places.


Burger Patty Hotdog-Shaping Tool

This device shapes your patty into a hotdog—Because a hotdog-shaped anything is so much better.


Liquor Bottle Lock With Key

If you're anal about the security of your booze, this lock ought to keep it away from the wrong hands.


Under-chair Seat Booster

Boosts chairs from its legs so it basically works with any chair.


Pizza Friendship Necklace

Gather your best friends and solidify your relationship with the best bonding food ever.


Pillow Fight Weapon Set

For a more authentic, albeit morbid, pillow fight experience.


Backpack With Solar Panel and Battery

Charge your gadgets on the go wherever you are, whenever—so long as there's sunshine.


Breakup Bean Plant

Because breaking up with a plant (and a bean plant, at that) makes it a whole lot easier.


3D Brain Coasters

These cerebral coasters form a three-dimensional brain specimen when stacked.


Salami Notepad

Write on hunger-inducing sliced salami notes for gourmet-inspired memos.


Portable Water Filtration Bottle

Transform any questionable water source into clean, drinkable, contaminant-free water.


Penis Grooming Kit

You do know you need to look good down there too, right?


Toy Car Head Shaver

Run circles on your head with this toy car and get a close shave while you're at it.


Potty Piano

Drop some tunes (among other things) while in the toilet and spend your time more wisely.


Watch With Live Ants

That's right, this watch houses up to five live ants that you can carry on your wrist wherever you go.


Commercially Available Portable Flamethrower

That's right, this is an actual flamethrower that you can (dangerously) play with.