Light Bulb Speaker

If you’re looking to put an audio system in your room or office, and don’t want to go through all the hassles of setting up, routing wires, finding space, etc., you might want to consider the AudioBulb. What it is is a revolutionary wireless music (and lighting) system that rethinks how you play music throughout your home or office. To operate, simply twist the bulb into any standard light socket, power up, connect your device (Apple 30-pin or aux in) to the standalone base and press play. That’s it. Installation and operation in one sentence. You can also buy more bulbs and extend your range as the system can accommodate up to 8 bulbs at once.

The AudioBulb is just one example of the models available for this bulb-light-wireless speaker system craze. It is made by GiiNii. Other brands and models are also available.

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Extendable Wall Socket

This clever little socket right here is, well, anyone who’s used an extension cord’s dream. Seriously. Not that the design of the extension cord is flawed, it’s just bulky, and messy, space consuming, and basically a hassle. But we need it. The Rambler Socket will knock your socks of. Watch it unravel 1.5 meters of (extension) cord that appears as if from nowhere. When you don’t need it, simply tuck it away from plain sight. Simply genius.

When extended, a gentle tug on the wire activates a spring mechanism that recoils it back into place. To remove the socket from the wall, pinch on the sides to unlock and wind it out. Designed by Meysam Movahedi. Follow the link below for more details.

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Combining Spiral Chopsticks

Chopsticks finally get a makeover. A Japanese design firm called Nendo took the bold initiative of redesigning something that has been used, and virtually unchanged, for the last 4,000 years.

So, where does one start? First, one needs to look at its flaws. Not much, really, since it’s probably the simplest tool available to mankind. (If you ask us, though, its major flaw is it’s so frickin’ hard to use.) So, they’ve decided to attack its paired nature—which makes it prone to keeping them unpaired. Loosely translated, lose one of the other.

What they came up with is actually rather brilliant. The Rassen chopsticks pair by corkscrewing each other at the ends. Yeah, that’s right. Simple and sophisticated, like the ones found on Unnecessary but desirable. There you go. But, they are beautiful and come HANDY. See what I did there?

Another design called the Kamiai which uses micro magnets is also available. Follow the link below to see it and to view more details.

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iPhone Negative Film Scanner

If you have a handful of 35-milimeter films hanging around collecting dust, it’s time you archive them and convert them into space-saving ones and zeros forever. By the way, this device is not just for the iPhone. Simply slide your phone into the mount, switch on the battery-powered backlight, slip your film in and snap a photo of the negative. An app aids by converting the negative into a positive; it also let’s you zoom in, adjust the color, and set the exposure. The Smartphone Film Scanner is just bonkers.

This device will definitely break that you-film camera-digital camera love triangle. Because now, each one needs the other for a threesome!

Powered by AA batteries. Measures 5.5 by 3 by 5 inches. Follow the product link below for more details, view sample snaps, and to view compatible-with smartphones, also make sure to check the phone plans available online!


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Gravy Boat With Hot Water Reservoir

This ingenious gravy boat has a water reservoir that somewhat secretly encloses the main tub. Simply fill the reservoir—from the sealed opening at the top—with hot water and keep your sauce at the right temperature for the duration of your dinner or get-together. Yes, seriously, because nothing spoils good food more than cold, gouped-up gravy. Simple, effective, genius. Made from classic white ceramic that blends with any table setting.

Holds 2 cups (approximately 473 milliliters) of liquid. Shown on the photo is the one made by Oggi. Available from a number of different manufacturers; other configurations (shapes) also available. Follow the link below to view more.


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Slicing and Dicing Finger Guard

What we have here, folks, is a creation of English culinary genius Sir Jamie Oliver. It is a very simple, almost primitive, invention that almost makes us wonder if it has really only been invented now. The Jamie Oliver Finger Guard is a very handy (pun intended) item that keeps your fingers intact safe during knife work. Because, seriously, no respectable chef wants to serve pieces of human with their masterpiece. The finger guard is not just a small piece of plastic. It’s hinged which allows for finger bending, it has soft, flexible grips that fit most adult fingers, and it works on both left and right hands.

Simple as that. Follow the link below to get yours now before you lose a finger (or two).


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Hand-warming Coffee Mug

The ToastyMUG simply capitalizes on something most cold weather-stricken folks already do—hold coffee mugs with both hands for that much-needed warmth. The design improves on this process by adding a sort-of hand slot that wraps nearly half of the mug. The enveloping slot keeps the warmth longer for both your drink and your hands. Drinking coffee, tea, or hot chocolate has now been made even more satisfying!

Designed by Sabrina Fossi. The mugs are handmade in the ceramic district of Montelupo, Italy. That’s right, this is a product of fine Italian craftsmanship. Follow the link below for more product details. Also available in grey. Measures approximately 18 centimeters wide and 10 high.


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Gravity-defying Chain Wine Bottle Holder

Spice up your wine presentation in the kitchen or dining room with this awesome chain wine bottle holder that only falls short of being magical. The illusion-filled holder uses a strategically-welded iron chain (and some physics) to form a permanent and strong metal stand, able to hold even the heaviest of wine bottles; the chain is also nickel-plated and does not lack in aesthetics. Works with most traditionally-shaped wine bottles.

Made by Peleg Designs. Weighs approximately 2 pounds. Made in the USA. Follow the link below for more photos and complete product details.


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Falling Books Bookend

People just love wacky bookends and this is definitely one of the better ones we’ve seen lately. From Artori Design, a design firm based all the way down faraway Israel, comes Falling Bookend. The bookend supports books at an illusory falling angle that makes it stand out on a shelf and create interest and humor. It makes for an excellent centerpiece on a long table or a rather-empty bookshelf. To add to the toppling illusion, a brave little fella is strategically situated to seem as if he’s out to save the day (and your books). So brave.

The first book is placed in a strategic manner—bookend is placed between first page and cover—to allow for a single-book operation, and to prevent consequent books from sliding down.

Made from metal (painted); measures 11.5 centimeters high, 18 long, and 12 centimeters deep. Weighs 240 grams. Follow the link below to visit the official product page.


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Baby Stroller Bike

Every parent knows keeping a fast-growing toddler happy means keeping up with his or her curiosity. Unfortunately, even if we want to, we simply cannot give them a whole day’s worth of attention. The Taga bike stroller addresses a lot of parenting limitations and capitalizes on these with an ingenious product. First and foremost, it is a regular push stroller. Start its transformation and it becomes a grown-up’s bike (trike, actually) with room for your special little one. With such a unique vehicle you can enjoy a complete workout while keeping your baby entertained with all the sights.

The Taga‘s design is also so flexible that it can fit up to two babies; it can also accommodate a car seat, (or) a shopping basket, or even a face-to-face wooden seat. These are just some of the available options that come standard with the bike.

This special bike is definitely something that’s equally for both of you. Click on the link below to go to the official site and view more product details and options.


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