“Have a Nice Day” Middle Finger Mug

What’s the best way to flick someone off without actually having to flick someone off? (Wait, what?) This ingenious mug may be it. The naughty coffee mug has “Have a Nice Day” sarcastically printed on the sides with a middle finger/up-yours graphic printed on the bottom. Someone vulgarly hitting on you from across your table? Aim the mug at him and start drinking—he’ll get the message, trust me. That’s it; just a great novelty coffee mug to have or to gift.

Made by Sik World. Shipping weight: 1 pound. Follow the link below for more product details.


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Film Clapperboard Digital Clock

Feel what it’s like to be a Hollywood movie star sleeping on set, constantly awakened by slave-driving directors who only care about getting the perfect scene, no matter what ungodly time of day it is. Just kidding. What we have here is a funky digital clock with alarm that looks exactly like a director’s clapperboard. Hours are displayed (in a 24-hour format), along with minutes, seconds, milliseconds (that’s right), and the complete date. The main function of the clapper is to silence the alarm—what a good way to start the day for aspiring directors!

Can stand on its own by a side table or hanged on a wall. Measures 11.8 by 5.9 inches, and weighs 1.5 pounds. Comes with its own power adapter. Available from multiple brands/manufacturers from the link below.


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Healthy Frozen Treat Maker

This is the Yonanas frozen treat cum ice cream maker and it is all the rage. Haven’t heard of it? Read on.

What this machine does is it turns anything frozen into a treat. Of course, by “anything frozen” we mean bananas (as a base) and other fruits and, well, maybe some flavorings. Stuff them all in the chute and out comes a concoction that (they say) looks and tastes like soft-serve ice cream. Imagine that. Ice cream without all the guilt. No additional fat, sugar, nor preservatives. The package comes with everything you need to know to create your own treats including recipes.

Chute, plunger, and blade are all dishwasher safe. The unit is AC-powered. Measures 14 inches high ang 7.5 inches wide. Follow the link below to learn more, read actual user reviews, and view a demonstration video.


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Real Rock Key Hider

Some people would really rather hide their keys in the most obscure places than keeping them in their person. This opens up a couple of problems, though: first, hiding places have somewhat become commonplace—under the doormat, on the sun visor in cars—and obviously poses risks. Second, with too much stuff going on (on life, in general), people simply forget.

The Real Rock Key Holder addresses these because, one, it’s a real-ass rock that blends completely with nature, and two, it’s a big-ass rock.

The blend-in stones have been drilled with a compartment big enough to fit normal-sized keys. All of this is protected by a removable rubber plug. Obviously, no two of these are the same. Drill your own rock if you will. If not, check out the link below and get one for just about the same price one would pay for a, well, a rock.


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Gramophone iPhone Speaker

This may just be the best-looking iPhone speaker dock available out there—well, at least if you dig nostalgic art. The gramophone speaker works by simply passing sound waves from phone through the wood dock through the horn, which then acts as a natural amplifier. I mean, I’m sure you know why you cusp your hands around your mouth when you shout, right? In effect, volume is boosted by up to four times the normal. The product is available in a number of different configurations and sizes, including type of wood used, and is also available for the iPad (currently except iPad mini).

100% handmade. Horn is made from iron and brass, wood from either walnut or dry oak. See the official product page by following the link below. Made by luxury home furnishing brand Restoration Hardware.


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Silver Sphere Hard Drive

Presenting the most awesome external hard drive available to man. The silver-laden LaCie Christofle Sphère (it was designed by a design firm called Christofle, from Normandy, France, that is obsessed with silver) is all she wrote and more. It’s actually a 1-terabyte unit which is enough to store your whole life in photos and videos, making it even more valuable. Plus, it’s only about twice the price of a regular terabyte HD so it’s actually a bargain, especially with all that silver in the large surface area. The sphere is handcrafted cast metal and silver plated in France.

Uses USB 3.0 (backwards compatible) technology for ultra fast transfer rates. No power adapters needed. Comes with proprietary LaCie software. It measures 13.4 centimeters in diameter and weighs half a kilogram. Follow the link below to visit the official site.


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Ice Cube Tube

Introducing Cube Tubes—ice cube makers that let you chill without the spill. Yes, that’s their tagline. What it is is an ice pull tube that cracks and drops ice neatly with a simple pull. Okay, here’s how it goes: fill the tube with water, insert the sort of-plastic divider, freeze, bend the tube to crack the ice, then pull to free the ice. It’s so convenient you can let it drop straight to your glass.

That’s it. The product just got green-lit from one of those crowd-sourcing sites. Follow the link below to reserve yours now.


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Laser Light Illuminator

Ever wondered of a better way to illuminate trees and other objects—in the same way Christmas lights do—you know, without the hassle of unraveling miles and miles of wires? Also, something that’s a little more eco-friendly and safer? Well, look no further. The Illuminator Laser Light makes it possible to completely cover a tree with dazzling lights in 5 minutes or less. All of this is done from a distance like a flashlight. Simply position and secure the laser unit and aim; route your wires properly and voila! And yes, it’s a fricking laser!

The package comes with complete mounting accessories. The Illuminator consumes a measly 0.25 amperes of power, less than a 30-watt light bulb. 30 units of these is equivalent in consumption to 8 strands of Christmas string lights. The beam can also be adjusted to achieve desired patterns. Has a solid aluminum housing and is weather resistant. Follow the link below for complete details.


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Half-buried Coffee Mug

This mug is just so damn cool; there may already be a lot of knock-offs of this mug out there, but one thing’s for sure. This mug has Japan thinking written all over it. The mug, they say, was inspired by a half-buried treasure chest, which is why it’s officially called Treasure Mug. It comes in white or brown, and is slightly slanted for even more illusion goodness. The handle is even craftily trimmed at the bottom. Place the mug on real sand and no one would even dare say it’s fake. Bring it out every time your friends come over and let their imaginations run wild.

100% pure ceramic. Measures 6 centimeters at its highest point and 13 centimeters wide (including handle). Weights 200 grams. These bad boys sold out quickly on its initial release so follow the link below to check availability.


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“Reserved” Beach Towel

Nothing could be worse than having your precious little beach lounger taken from under your nose after you’ve fought and waited hard for it. You finally get a spot, decide to take a dip before basking in the sun, then boom! You’re a homeless beach bum back to square one. Of course it would help if you had some company, but sometimes it’s really just you and Mother Nature.

Okay, this is a freaking beach towel with a big-ass “RESERVED” printed on it. Nothing more. It’s a nice towel to have; it’s good as a towel, and good as a chair guard. Made from 100% cotton. Measures 60 by 30 inches which is huge and can cover the adirondack chairs. Follow the link below for more details.


This smart chair uses technological advances and simple physics to self-sustain power on its built-in light. Nano-dynamo technology is built into the skids of the chair, which transfers enough energy towards the bulb. The newly-developed, low-consumption LEDs make it possible to sustain usable light with very little electricity. Another cool feature of the chair is that energy is stored (instead of used) in a battery pack during daylight. The chair is a creation of American Rochus Jacob and is called the Murakami; it was first featured on designboommagazine.

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