Crochet Owl Bathroom Set

In case you want to transform your bathroom into an owl, this crochet set might come in handy. Okay, we obviously meant owl-themed, but you already knew that. You can buy covers for the toilet bowl lid, the top of the tank, and various pieces for the floor that act as mats.

You can check this seller here for lid and tank sets, which are available in mint, yellow, red, orange, and pink.

For the more complete version—the one with floor mats—you can check out the photos below and see the link to their store after the pics.

Link to the sets above here.

You may also want to check out for some neat owl crochet stuff that you can also display in your bathroom. See photo below for an example.

Chicken Coop Dishwasher Cover

Well, here’s a product that’s aimed towards a very specific market—chicken farmers. If you so love your chicken-raising ways, then you might want to chicken coop up your dishwasher. To be honest we don’t really understand why anyone would want to do that, but someone made a purchasable printed cover and is doing well, apparently (sales-wise).

Made from high-quality PVC film, these dishwasher covers are industrial grade and will not give in to water damage and heat, and at the same time are very easy to maintain and clean. These can also be cut easily and trimmed to perfection. Actually, you know what, these are good for hiding scratched up, beat up dishwashers so that we get. Furthermore, Appliance Hunter is the blog to visit for solutions to dishwasher not draining.

Available in 2 sizes and can be customized with 20-characters of text maximum.

Click here to check out the product page. Currently selling for $25.99.

chicken coop dishwasher cover

Cat-Shaped Towels

We’re not really sure if these cat-shaped towels are cat people-friendly or make them cringe. After all, they look like skinned cats that were made to hang for everyone to see. (Sorry for that gory picture.) Either way, it’s an interesting enough product to be featured here.

These towels measure approximately 21 inches long, and can be hanged sturdily with snap buttons on both hands. The moment you wipe your hands over the 100% cotton stomach of the felines, instant therapy! Available in 6 famous cat breeds—Calico, British Shorthair, Black Cat, Dragon Li, Tabby Cat, Orange Tabby.

Sold by Animalism. Link

These Earrings Look Like Human Ears

If you want to stand out in the oddball fashion world, you might want to give these earrings a try. These earrings look like human ears. Yes, on your ear you’ll be sporting smaller, lifelike miniature ear—earception style. No, we do not know why anyone would think that would be a good idea, but they sell pretty well, apparently. Art, I guess.

These are the most lifelike (and creepy).

You can get them here.

We also found these more perfectly-shaped ear earrings.

Click here for the above variant.

Of course, if you want go more normal, you can check out the non-lifelike, but still ear-shaped earrings below.

Click here to get these.

Mama Pig USB Hub

Hey, bacon lovers (kidding), this next item is nothing but a cutely designed USB hub. Of course, if you must know, a USB hub is just that—something that takes one USB plug and makes more of them. But who the hell does not know that? Anyway, yup, this hub is just laid out so that the main hub is the mama pig.

But wait, if this is a hub, then why are there baby pigs? Ah, good thing you noticed. Well, they need to make it look like she’s nursing her babies so they included 3 USB flash drives that look like baby pigs. Cute, clever, bacon.

Click here to visit the product page.

Someone Actually Made an Egg Holster

Yes, as the title says, an egg holster. As in a container that holds an egg, which you can hang on your belt—tactical, everyday-carry item style. The only problem? It is currently only available as a 3D printer template. It is free, though.

So, if you have a 3D printer within your reach, head on over to this link to download the files.

Just check out the photos below to see the details.

Your egg is safe AF
Check the link above for the 3D-printing files