8 Lighthearted Grilling Gift Ideas for Dads

Dads love their barbecue. Be it with mates, family, or just a regular Sunday, grilling keeps dads (actually, men, in general), well, manly. Maybe it’s about being in charge; maybe it’s about serving the most savory slab of meat; maybe it’s about family bonding (or guy camaraderie); or maybe it’s about—plain and simply—beer. Whatever it may be, if it makes dad feel special, it stays.

Our list differs from other tools-for-grilling lists out there in that this is on the lighter side of things. You will not see the best skewers or skewer sets on this list, or a thousand-dollar, top-of-the-line grills. Instead, you will see stuff that hits on funny bones—which is especially useful if you’re dad is the joker type (whose’s isn’t?). Okay, some of the stuff in this list aren’t really strictly about grilling per se, but if it works on barbecue Sundays, it’s in? So, without further ado, here’s a list of possible gifts for grill masters.

#1 Lightsaber Tongs

What do you know, Star Wars and grilling. If you want the geekiest grilling accessory for your “I am your father,” this is it. Way cooler if your first name is Luke (since this is modeled after Darth’s). It even provides classic lightsaber sound effects.

Officially licensed merchandise.

Get them for only $24.99.

#2 Golf Club Grill Tool Set

Here’s another mashup of two equally daddy-themed hobbies: golf and grilling. Features authentic golf club grips for that extra confidence when flipping burgers or turning salmon steak. 18-inch-long shafts made from food-grade stainless steel, sand wedge-shaped spatula, and 14-inch-high golf bag carrying case complete that Tiger Woods look. Made by Hammacher Schlemmer so you know it’s top quality.

Retails for $39.99

Originally featured here.

#3 Personalized Meat Brander

If your old man is some who likes to stamp his authority on things and situations alike, then he will surely enjoy this. Let it be known that the grilled masterpiece you are eating if of his doing. Let them sear their own initials unto steaks and chops with this hand-forged iron brand. Totally customizable (of course). Made by Williams Sonoma. Visit their website to order; you will input the letters upon checkout.

Sells for $49.95 (including customization). Needs four to five weeks lead time for delivery.

#4 Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaner

Don’t be fooled by the whole automated robot thing, this device is quite affordable—considering what it does and how much it will make your life easier. Grillbots start at around $75. They can automate the whole grill cleaning ritual which can save you a lot of time.

Hey, it has good reviews, too.

#5 “Grill Sergeant” Shirt

This will surely crack up those with a military background, but it can also definitely work for stricter-than-normal, toughie parents. You can also get matching hoodies, sweatshirt, or baby one-piece suits to dress up the whole family. Originally sold by HUMAN.

$17.99 for a roundneck.

#6 Tactical Grilling Apron

If your dad loves pockets and every tool organized within arm’s reach, then he needs this apron. Not only is it a full-fledged apron that protects you from hot, flying objects, it is a quality “tactical” piece of equipment that has all the pockets, nooks and crannies that can be used for tongs, spatulas, lighters, a beer bottle, etc.

Has “Chef” printed on the front and back much like “SWAT” so they’ll know who’s who.

Retails for $60.

#7 S’mores Grilling Rack

This next one is for the sweet-toothed dad. Once the meats come off the rack and into your bellies, dessert soon follows.  So, what better way to use that still-hot grill to melt some chocolate and marshmallows and turn them into this heaven-of-a-sandwich. A simple but very useful gift. Made from food-grade, dishwasher-safe stainless steel. Also has a warming platform for the Graham crackers.

Starts at $15.99.

#8 Beer Cooling Stick

One problem faced by many a grill men is warm beer. Why? Because lawns (most, at least) do not have refrigerators. Plus, if you have that beer anywhere near the grill, disaster. Not many know this but there’s this thing that keeps beer (in a bottle) cool even after being opened. It’s called the Chillsner by Corkcicle, and it’s basically a cooling stick. Pretty chill, huh? Simply chill the stick beforehand, open the beer, drink, be merry, then place the Chillsner in the mouth. It goes all the way to the bottom and keeps the entire bottle cool for quite some time.

Retails for $25. Check it out here.

So, there you have it, folks! Your top 8 chill/cool/dope grilling tools for dads. Share if you care. Thanks!






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