Adjustable Candle Holder

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the desk lamp of the past. Wait, what? This awesome candle holder has the body of a futuristic table lamp with a surprising retro twist at the end—instead of the usual and now-standard energy-saving LEDs, you get something more eco-friendly; you get a candle holder. How much more energy-saving can you be? The Candle Poise is a fully-adjustable candle holder that has tensioned flexible joints that can be adjusted to multiple heights and locations. It holds its position quite efficiently, and a fixed neck joint at the end ensures the candle stays level at all times (you wouldn’t want molten wax spilling all over, wouldn’t you?). In addition, a weighted base provides stability and holds the whole fixture securely.

Another ingenious creation by the folks at SUCK UK. Follow the link below for the official product page.


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