7 Revenge Gifts You Can Send Anonymously

Truth be told, we have all been there. They say try to be the bigger man, but who’s keeping score? Besides, these companies or shops have sworn to keep your identity secret—that’s their mission, at least, not sure at gunpoint, though.

Be it your ex (of the girlfriend-boyfriend type, or the wife-husband type), your boss, your once-best friend, someone who ticked you at the mall, etc., these can be sent with full-on spite so long as you have the correct name and address of your target. So, yes, enjoy.

Glitter Grenade

As of writing this, the original Glitter Grenade website seems to have been suspended already. But don’t fret, we have scoured the internet for you and saw a provider. Free shipping, glitter color choices, option to increase the glitter (and carnage), message on the tube, plus some other wrapping options. These guys have thought this through.

Starts at $17.99

The Middle Finger Card

Once again, 100% anonymous, zero branding everywhere. Send someone a long-distance bird that they will never forget. Plus, the peace of mind you get knowing they don’t. Available in regular middle finger and X-ray middle finger in a premium envelope plus some customization options.

Starts at $4.99

More Anonymous Revenge Gifts

Voodoo Dolls

Believe it or not, there is a service out there that allows you to send voodoo dolls anonymously. How creepy is that? The photo on the left is not even the actual doll for it is too creepy to even post here. But hey, if spooking is your thing then go mad. As for the curse, we’re pretty sure it does not come with that. Or does it? Depends on what you believe.


A Potato

Yes, a potato. But not just any potato, but a potato that you can write any message on. What message, you ask? We’ll leave that to your imagination. Imagine the confusion your target will experience once they receive a spud in the mail! A handwritten message can be placed on both the potato itself and on the outside packaging. Option to pour rainbow glitter also available (because why not?).


Bag of Gummy Boobs

As if dick gummies were not enough, the guys (and gals) at Pranks Anonymous stepped it up a notch and made gummy boobies! They’re sweet, soft, delectable, and delicious—much like the real thing! Option to mix with dick-shaped glitter? Of course.


Embarrassing Tube Package

This service allows you to anonymously send a package from a very questionable and embarrassing source, that your enemy will hopefully open in front of their friends or people they care about. Samples include odor helper for a certain body part, a plaything, and something that they need to make bigger. Get it?


Troll Cakes

Here’s how troll cakes work: a hate comment from an internet troll is basically turned into a cake. Anyone can ask the company, Troll Cakes, to send it to them anonymously provided they have the complete mailing address. A copy of the exact comment (screenshot) is also sent along with the cake. That’s basically it, but sure they can take some other requests. Check them out here.

Cakes start at $35.

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