This Machine Automatically Folds Clothes

This is the dream, right? For me, at least. I’ve always hated folding clothes; I always end up just folding them in half crosswise, and another lengthwise and that’s it! Enter the Foldimate, and automatic folding machine that, well, folds. I mean, isn’t that just super convenient? It’s no bigger than a washing machine but it folds perfectly every time. Simply insert the top part of your shirt or pants into the grabber, and let the robot do all the work. Plain and simple.

Props to the final selling line of the video on the official website:

Don’t let folding get in your way. Meet Foldimate. It folds, so you don’t have to.

Okay, the product is still in pre-selling mode, but it has really taken off. We hope the released product satisfies the hype.

Click here to check the official website.






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