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Every parent knows keeping a fast-growing toddler happy means keeping up with his or her curiosity. Unfortunately, even if we want to, we simply cannot give them a whole day’s worth of attention. The Taga bike stroller addresses a lot of parenting limitations and capitalizes on these with an ingenious product. First and foremost, it is a regular push stroller. Start its transformation and it becomes a grown-up’s bike (trike, actually) with room for your special little one. With such a unique vehicle you can enjoy a complete workout while keeping your baby entertained with all the sights.

The Taga‘s design is also so flexible that it can fit up to two babies; it can also accommodate a car seat, (or) a shopping basket, or even a face-to-face wooden seat. These are just some of the available options that come standard with the bike.

This special bike is definitely something that’s equally for both of you. Click on the link below to go to the official site and view more product details and options.


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