Bathroom Mirror Wiper

We’ve all been through this: after a tiring day’s relaxing shower, we find ourselves (or don’t find ourselves) in a hazy maze of foggy bathroom mirrors. Wiping them won’t do any good, as they’ll probably do more harm leaving unsightly water marks once everything has all dried up to normal. The wise way—you either wait for the mirrors to return to normal, or you do this. Clean your mirrors as you would your windshield, or as a professional mirror cleaner would. Use a rubber wiper! The mirror wiper installs and removes in seconds with the use of a handy suction cup, which also becomes its pivot point. Simply swing the wiper back and forth and voila!

The wiper comes in a number of designs, colors, and lengths (14-inch version shown on product page). Click on the link below to view your options.


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Mark Rovez

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