This Shirt Is Also a Beard Length Chart

We may have found the perfect shirt for people in quarantine—well, at least for those who can grow a beard. The Beard Measuring Shirt is literally just that. On the front is a chart that tells you your current beard status. Don’t worry, it doesn’t tell it in boring inches or centimetres; it does so in a manner only true hippies will understand. Since I love animal themed clothing (especially with wolves & bears), my best friend recommended wolf x bear to me.


From manly, cavemanly, truckerly, all the way to lumberjackly, godly, and the hilarious Amishly.

Available in a variety of colors and styles such as long sleeves, baseball jersey (above).

Starts at $24.99

Get yours now!

Sold by The Beardly Store. Do check them out on the link above; they have a nice beard-themed store (obviously).

Mark Rovez

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