5 Best One-Way Cat Doors for Your Precious Kitty

Choosing the right cat door for your cat is one of the most important purchase-decisions for cat owners. A cat door, particularly a one way cat door — the one that only lets the kitty inside and not outside, keeps your pet safe as it provides easy access to find shelter whenever the weather turns bad or when strays come looking for a fight. It gives your pet freedom to go inside or outside the house and roam around as they choose. Installing a cat door makes it easy for your pet to find food and its litter box filled with cat litter that clumps, which can be hidden behind a closed interior door.

What cat door would suit your cat the best? It can be very tricky since every home, every pet owner, and every cat has different needs. There are so many different kinds of cat doors available and choosing one can be a very difficult task. However, if you’re seeking to have the biggest cat as your pet, then you may want to check out this post about Maine Coon cats size here for the best help.

From super simple to sophisticated, this list provides every type of cat owner with the best one-way cat doors for your precious kitty.

SureFlap’s Microchip Cat Flap

If you’re a tech-savvy person, then SureFlap’s Microchip Cat Flap is the best option for you. The price is pretty reasonable for its reliability and top-notch functionality. Unlike regular cat doors, it ensures your cat’s safety and prevents pests and stray animals to enter your home with its easy-to-use lock program. The lock has two features: manual, and in-only. The manual lock stops your cat to leave and enter. When set to in-only, your cat is enabled to enter but not leave.

Well, it simply works like this:

Once the microchip attached to your feline friend is read by the door, the program stores it information permanently. The existing data gives it access to pass through as the lock can be set with just a few touches of a button. The program is compatible with all common microchips. It could also read 9- to 15-digit microchips and remembers up to 32 different cats.

The size of the cat door is 8.2” by 8.2”- which means it is perfect for pet owners with small and large cats. Provided with the right accessories, it can be mounted on both exterior and interior walls, doors, and windows and comes with an elegant all-white finish.

Check it out on Amazon.com.

MOOST 4-Way Locking Cat Door

For pet parents with a tight budget, this easy-to-install cat door might be the one that will suit your cat’s needs.

The installation is pretty easy: It comes with precise and detailed instructions. It can be installed on an interior or exterior door. A wood cutting template is provided for faster installation as well as every hardware needed for it. Its durable plastic frame makes your cat feel comfortable and more at ease when it enters or leaves your household. When it comes to your pet’s safety, its 4-way locking system could be set to in-only, out-only, in-and-out, locked – or whichever is needed to ensure your cat’s security.

The cat door measures 7.5” wide by 7.9” high. This size works really well for small and large cats, and also for pet owners who also have dogs weighing under 15 pounds.

The MOOST 4-Way Locking Cat Door comes with a lifetime warranty. If ever you’re not satisfied with the product, you can always contact your manufacturer for renegotiation.

Check out availability on Amazon.com.

The Original Cathole Interior Pet Door by CATHOLE

CATHOLE’s The Original Cathole Interior Pet Door is the best way to keep your cat litter-free. Right now, you are probably thinking and asking yourself – how? This cat door is used to hide a litter box and cat food. The catch: it has a removable grooming brush. This brush is installed around the tunnel’s opening. Whenever your cat passes through, it removes all the litter and dust off – which means you and your pet will be able to enjoy staying in a more dust-free home.

The material is made of Baltic Birch Wood. You can paint it with any color to match your household. This interior cat door also comes with a wood cutting template and instructions which makes the installation pretty easy.

The size of this cat door is 8.5” wide and 8.5” tall. It is specially developed for cats weighing 20 pounds or less but some customers have mentioned that their cats weighing 20 pounds got stuck in it.

Find more info on this cat door.

Ideal Pet Products Cat Flap Door

With its 700+ positive reviews, it definitely is one of the most loved and well-reviewed one-way cat doors in 2018. This Cat Flap Door by Ideal Pet Products is the best overall cat door out there. It appears as a very basic model but this cat door’s simplicity is what makes it even more of an ideal choice to suit your cat’s needs as well as yours.

The frame can be easily mounted to all common interior or exterior doors with a just a few screws. It has a strong and reliable magnetic flap and has a 4-way locking system: in-out, out-only, open or locked – which does a pretty good job preventing stray cats and unwanted pests to enter your home. This cat door is made with super durable Lexan polycarbonate to hold up against harsh weather conditions.

The cat flap is 6.2” by 6.25” – an ideal size for cats weighing 12 pounds or less.  However, some reviewers have said that their larger cats are able to use the door with ease.

Ideal Pets Products offers a limited lifetime warranty. If you have any issues regarding your purchase, you could always contact the company for more specific details.

Check it out on Amazon.com

Cat Mate’s Large Cat Door

If you have more large cats than small ones, Cat Mate’s Large Cat Door has an enormous 8.25” by 9” frame size. It caters all pets of all sizes with a shoulder height of 13” or less.

This large one way cat door comes with a simple do-it yourself manual and a template. It can be installed on any interior and exterior door, wall, or panel. The frame is protected by an external rain-proof and weather-proof seal with a magnetic closure to keep unwanted elements outside of your home.

It has over 500 reviews from satisfied customers who are all happy with their purchase because of its simple and effective features. If the product didn’t meet your expectations, the manufacturer offers a three-year warranty.

Currently selling for $35.66 on Amazon.com.

PetSafe Tinted Plastic Door

Available in small to extra large sizes and can accommodate pets up to 200 pounds. It comes with a snap-on closing panel that is easy to use when you need to close prevent any access. Tinted plastic panel for privacy.

Starts at $29.95

BONUS: The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door

Although this is technically a cat hole, if you want a more inviting cat door for your cat, this cutely designed interior cat door by Kitty Pass is perfect for your pet. The Kitty Pass Interior Cat Door allows your pet to access closed interior doors, hides your cat’s litter box, or food. And if you want to get rid of annoying bedroom door scratching sounds at night, consider installing this unique and undeniably cute cat door from Kitty Pass.

The Kitty Pass fits all standard doors from 1.25” to 1.75” thick. It also doesn’t require ugly screws or hardware that makes most cat doors unappealing to their pets. This cat door comes with a semi-gloss white finish which you can paint to fit your home better.

The tunnel measures 7.5” wide and 6.5” high and the opening is made of super smooth plastic. It can be used by most cats though it is recommended by manufacturer that it is for cats weighing 20 pounds or less.

With over 500 reviews, a lot of customers are satisfied with the product primarily because of its stylish appearance that doesn’t undermine its functionality and usability.


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