Blackout Curtains With City Skyline

Not sure what status your curtain gaming is at right not, but if you want to up it up a little bit, consider checking these out.

Simply put, these are blackout curtains with holes on them, to make them look like city skylines at night. But, you get all of that during the day when the sunlight is strong enough to let the ample amount of light pass through the holes.

The original inventor of these seems to be HoleRoll, who according to their website, is based all the way in Kiev, Ukraine. (They do worldwide shipping, of course.) They offer skyline designs of London and New York, and a simple night sky variant. But the best part is you can customize almost all of the options from their website—from the color of the blind’s accessories, the orientation of the control chain, height and width (of course), and the device for the fixation of the roller glass makes it easier to use and the installation is quick, How to Hang Curtains can be easy if you work with the right instructions or professionals.

Of course you can also find cheaper, more accessible copies on, like this one for example. Made by Jzenzero, they offer 3 types of London and 3 New York variants as well. The size cannot be customized, though, so you’re stuck with the default 2,130 by 1,060 centimeters size.

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