Book Rest Lamp

Read to the glow of this awesome lamp then use it after to save your page and store your book on. It’s clever and uncomplicated. It works. When a book is on top, its boxy appearance transforms into a designer’s masterpiece. It mimics a house that changes roof style and color depending on your book. So, in essence, you get a new lamp every time you finish a good read.

Made from recyclable hand-blown frosted glass. Measures 14.7 centimeters high, 14.8 centimeters long, and 11.3 centimeters wide—enough to hold standard-sized paperbacks. Operates on 120-volt outlets (USA; also available for other country-specs). Comes with an 11-watt ES/E27 fluorescent bulb. Also includes complete electrical wiring, plug, and switch. Follow the link below for complete details.


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