Shot Glass Made from Recycled Bottlenecks

So, as I was curating our Pinterest feed, I came upon this really, really cool shot glass that is not only environmentally woke, but is artfully executed as well. We’re talking about the SNAPSGLAS 6-P, shot glasses made from recycled upcycled bottles. They are made by a Swedish company called Återbrukshyttan (just don’t ask me to pronounce that), which is apparently a company that dabbles in recycled, but useful, masterpieces. So, yah, do check them out.

According to Google Translate, the SNAPSGLAS 6-P has a heated neck to make the edge round (and mouth-friendly, I would think). The cap is added when cooled, and sealed with approved adhesives. It holds 3 cl of liquid. Oh, and also, the product page notes that theirs is only made from clear glass with a black bottle cap, unlike those shown on other photos.

Sold in packs of 6. Costs 695 SEK (Swedish Krona), which is roughly $82. All pieces are hand manufactured and are therefore slightly different from each other.

$82 (approximately)

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Mark Rovez

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