This Device Turns Any Food Into Caviar-Sized Spheres

Trust us, this blender-looking thing can make pearls out of virtually any food or food combination. There’s magic to it, just science.

The Imperial Spherificator (wait, what?) is simply a machine that automates spherification—a culinary process that is exactly what it sounds like. It shapes a liquid into spheres that visually and texturally resemble caviar or roe. Bet you did not know that.

No, that’s not caviar.

It also uses a bunch of chemical compounds that sound like they came straight from Walter White’s lab. Chemicals such as sodium alginate, calcium chloride, and sodium citrate. Look, we wouldn’t be able to explain it even at gunpoint. Just check out the product video that the company prepared.

Retails for $125.75. Comes with all the necessary chemicals that they claim should be able to make you 10 kilograms worth of pearls before you would need to replenish. And oh, it also comes with a handy cookbook, so yeah, quite a good deal.

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