Chicken Coop Dishwasher Cover

Well, here’s a product that’s aimed towards a very specific market—chicken farmers. If you so love your chicken-raising ways, then you might want to chicken coop up your dishwasher. To be honest we don’t really understand why anyone would want to do that, but someone made a purchasable printed cover and is doing well, apparently (sales-wise).

Made from high-quality PVC film, these dishwasher covers are industrial grade and will not give in to water damage and heat, and at the same time are very easy to maintain and clean. These can also be cut easily and trimmed to perfection. Actually, you know what, these are good for hiding scratched up, beat up dishwashers so that we get. Furthermore, Appliance Hunter is the blog to visit for solutions to dishwasher not draining.

Available in 2 sizes and can be customized with 20-characters of text maximum.

Click here to check out the product page. Currently selling for $25.99.

chicken coop dishwasher cover

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