Chopsticks With Built-in Spoon

Admit it, you’re probably not Japanese (or Chinese; wait, you probably are) and you simply did not have your entire childhood mastering the use of chopsticks. Sure, they complete the experience and somehow makes sushi taste better, but they have their flaws. First and foremost, what about the soup? Also, forget about shamefully asking for that spoon when you can’t figure out what to do with the final bits of food left on your plate. The Soupstixmakes this all go away. The cleverly-designed utensil combines chopsticks with a spoon. The spoon acts as a pivot point as well and is unobtrusive with the whole operation. A clever solution for westerners.

Made from plastic. Measures 10 inches long from end to end. Available in 4 colors: green, orange, blue, and purple. Follow the link below for more details.


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