Classic Books Stair Stickers

Looking for staircase decorating ideas? Decorate your stair risers with decals that look like classic books.

Made for all book lovers. Make your stairs look like vertically-stacked books from afar. Sold as a set of twelve vinyl stickers made by companies like Vinyl Status. The book spine stickers should fit any standard-spaced stairs. They measure 12 centimeters high by 78.5 centimeters wide. They can be cut as well to accommodate oddly-sized stairs. The collection of books have been selected with the avid reader in mind and is comprised of all classics.

The stickers are handmade in the United Kingdom. Comes with application instructions. Visit the site for more pictures and details.


February 16, 2018 update

These stickers are now available from a number of online stores, but we’ve handpicked the best for you. The quality and number of options available from this site is second to none—575+ positive reviews and counting. You have options for colors and sizes, plus, you can buy anywhere from 2 up to 200 decals with appropriate bulk discounts.

Direct link to product.

You can also try for other options. We also found a different kind that make your stairs look like bookshelves—the books are vertically stacked, side by side.

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