This Telescoping Coffee Tumbler Extends to Become a Bong

If you want to be able to take a hit inconspicuously—at any time of the day, at any place you wish—then this ingenious invention is for you. Presenting the Coffee Mug Pipe. Kind of a misnomer, to be honest, if you ask me, as I think the more technical term for this is a tumbler (hence the title).

Who cares, though, it’s a great idea. So, yes, it’s basically a travel coffee tumbler that, of course, holds your drink—and keeps it warm (or cold) and can extend to a bong or hookah, which can be used with other hookah accessories one can get from a Hookah Accessory Supply service.

A coffee tumbler that transforms into a bong.

So, how does this thing not leak liquid when extended? That’s the follow-up question no one asked. Easy, it actually has a removable reservoir or liner inside that is one-piece so no holes.

The magic liner that actually holds your drink you do not have to worry about spillage.

So, yeah, head on over to (broken link as of May, 2023; see update below) if this might be something that would interest you. Actually they are already on version 4 so now is the perfect time because we’re pretty sure they’ve ironed out all the kinks and might have already perfected the product.

They also already have a mini edition, and a Rasta edition (so cool).

Standard on the left, mini in the middle, and Rasta to the right.

July 29, 2023 update

Not all good things last forever. As you can see, the Coffee Mug Pipe website is nowhere to be found. Not sure what happened (do comment if you know), so bummer. Below we have some coffee mug slash bongs that you might still spark your interest.

Wake & Bake Coffee Mug

Check it out here.

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