Combining Spiral Chopsticks

Chopsticks finally get a makeover. A Japanese design firm called Nendo took the bold initiative of redesigning something that has been used, and virtually unchanged, for the last 4,000 years.

So, where does one start? First, one needs to look at its flaws. Not much, really, since it’s probably the simplest tool available to mankind. (If you ask us, though, its major flaw is it’s so frickin’ hard to use.) So, they’ve decided to attack its paired nature—which makes it prone to keeping them unpaired. Loosely translated, lose one of the other.

What they came up with is actually rather brilliant. The Rassen chopsticks pair by corkscrewing each other at the ends. Yeah, that’s right. Simple and sophisticated, like the ones found on Unnecessary but desirable. There you go. But, they are beautiful and come HANDY. See what I did there?

Another design called the Kamiai which uses micro magnets is also available. Follow the link below to see it and to view more details.

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