Concealed Wall Socket With Sliding Door

A lot of people seem to hate (regular) wall sockets as there are a number of alternative products made to replace them. This one is no different. The Hidesocket conceals the socket itself, and the plug when something is, well, plugged. This is all achieved by way of a sliding door that completely hides everything from plain sight. Now, this is beneficial in two ways. First, aesthetics. The smooth surface makes it blend in with any wall (the cover is also customizable, by the way, and completely paintable). Second, it totally “eats up” the plug which saves space—like when a large plug is sticking out of a side table’s back. All that’s left is the wire that hangs out as if from nowhere. Neat.

Available for a number of different socket configurations (country standards). Also available for networking cables, telephone lines, etc. Follow the link below for more details.


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