The Death Star Christmas Tree Topper

Death Star Christmas tree topper

Yes, yes, a million times yes! The Death Star Christmas tree topper is the one thing missing from every Star Wars geek’s yuletide season. I mean, we all know there ought to be a star atop every Christmas tree, so let’s kick it up a thousand notches and place the most vicious, menacing star in the galaxy. Of course, this Death Star is the one still in all its glory—not the blown-out one, not the under-construction one—the full and completed planet-killer one.

Death Star Christmas tree topper
The most menacing Christmas tree topper in the entire Galactic Empire.

Designed by the Empire’s top engineers. Oh, right, but this Christmas tree topper is just made by Hallmark. Yes, as in the Hallmark the greeting card maker, so you can count on it as being officially licensed merchandise. It’s part of their Keepsake ornaments line.

Pretty solid looking; made of plastic and is not weighted.

So, about the topper now. It lights up and has sound effects. Guess what sound? Need we say more? Check out the video demonstration of the product below. So menacing! It uses a power adapter—Hallmark Keepsake ornaments’ power adapters are universal, so you can use them interchangeably, albeit each ornament comes with one already.

Of course it lights and plays “The Imperial March,” what did you expect?

It also comes with a remote control. Simply press the button on the remote to illuminate and queue “The Imperial March” or the main theme. The ornament measures 6.3 inches in diameter. Just right for medium to large Christmas trees. Made of plastic so it’s relatively light and can hold its weight nicely.

Remote control to activate the Death Star (lights, sounds); comes with its own universal adapter.

Available from Confirm current price here.

Other Star Wars Christmas tree ornaments are available from Hallmark Keepsake. Spoiler alert: Darth Vader, Millennium Falcon,

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