Death Star Maze Puzzle — The Ultimate Toy for Eighties Kids Star Wars Fans

Do you remember those maze puzzle games with the small silver ball? You start on one end and work your way up to the finish line—all while losing your mind and wanting wreak havoc on the world? Those were definitely a masterclass on patience. Fore more fun games to try, check here the many options available at Wizard Slots.

This one is much like that, only a bit more complicated. How much more? Well, so much more. You’re luck they did not make this into a full sphere.

It makes a lot of sense, though, as the Death Star already looks somewhat like a maze to begin with. I guess it just took someone some free time to connect the two together.

Look no further if you are looking for something to give and 80s kid Star Wars fan. But yeah, anyone who loves Star Wars who you’d want to test their patience? Give them this.

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