This Denture Holder Looks Like a Candle, for Some Reason

Caveat, no other denture holder or denture case can hold a candle to this one. Get it? It’s a denture holder that looks like a candle! Why? We’re not entirely sure, but it probably has something to do with the fact that people—who wear dentures, obviously—want their false teeth close by or always within reach when they take them out. And assuming that most take theirs off during nigh time, what better night time objects are there that they can place near them. On a night stand, perhaps, or on a shelf or cabinet.

candle denture holder

But hey, it sells! Just check the almost 100 positive reviews (as of January 2022) it has gotten from Warning: not a real candle. Product is called denturevault™ and is made by Tech-Naissance Inc. 237 ml capacity on the main container portion. Candle wick part, or the cover, is a screw-on lid.

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