Dinosaur Bone and Meteorite Ring

What are diamonds compared to pieces of outer space and extinct creatures? Nothing. If you want rare, if you want to impress, if you want to find yourself in awe every time you look at something—this piece of jewelry art history is for you. The ring is even coupled with heavily-figured mokume-ganeand titanium metals for a very eye-catching combination of quality materials. The meteorite pieces come from real Gibeon meteorites (from Namibia) and have been etched with acid to further reveal the crystal structure.

The dinosaur bone is agatized (cellular structure replaced by quartz); color ranges from brown to black with splotches of red, blue, and yellow.

The one-of-a-kind rings are custom-made, made-to-order by jewelrybyjohan, and ships worldwide from Minnesota, USA. Follow the link below to view more samples and combinations from the seller’s site.


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If dinosaur bone and meteorite ring is too unconventional for your taste, you may check out the available pieces offered by jewelry shops like Gema & CO.

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