This Dog Paper Towel Holder Looks Like a Wiener

A wiener dog, that is. If you love dogs and use paper towel, well, chances are you are a normal human being. Kudos! However, if you love the dachshund breed in particular, then you are gonna freak when you see this dog paper towel holder.

The antiqued bronze animal paper towel holder is as close to the smooth-haired hound as can be. It is made from resin so it is virtually indestructible. It has a rod in the center to hold the towel roll (obviously), and a simply pull is all it takes to load up and refill. Item measures 16.75 inches long, about inches wide, and 10 inches tall.


dog paper towel holder (dachshund)
Of course you put it next to the dog biscuits, where else?

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Quite the idea, right?

Brown paper towel rolls—those made from recycled material—would totally kill with this paper towel holder.

What it looks like without the tissue roll.
Spot the dachshund.

It looks good with rustic themes. Made by Creative. Head on over to for more details and for more dog paper towel holder choices.

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