These Dog-Shaped Wine Bottles Are Paw-Some!

This next product combines two very distinct, but somehow connected, types of people—dog lovers and wine drinkers. Come to think of it, dog parents who enjoy the occasional (or not so occasional) drink covers just about all of them. So when we stumbled upon these, we knew we just had to make a post about it.

So, without further ado, we present, dog-shaped wine bottles!

Dog-shaped wine bottle variant 1

Apologies of sorts for the quality of these photos are these are the only ones provided by the seller. On Etsy, Funkystuff13 offers this 12.75-inch, vintage wine glass shaped like a poodle. The diameter of the mid-century cast glass is about 3.5 inches.

One of the only wine-specific dog bottles we found.

Buy it now for only $39.99 before it’s gone forever.

Dog wine bottle variant 2

This one is technically advertised as a whisky bottle but hey, who’s checking? Besides, it is being sold by a store called The Wine Savant. This boxer dog-shaped decanter holds 500 ml of your alcohol of choice and measures roughly 8 inches long.

The tail of the dog is the opening and also comes fitted with a rubber-encased glass stopper that completes the wag.

Click here for complete product details.

We will be updating this post when we see more variations.






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