Donald Trump Pen Holder That Stuffs It up His Arse

Hot damn, this is funny. Rude but hilarious. Look, America is torn, but it looks as though the majority of mainstream media is against The Donald. Well, against-the-tide speaks louder, so with-the-flow is usually just hush. Anyhow, if you want to liven up your office desk and let anyone know which camp you clearly belong to, this Donald Trump pen holder is the shit (pun intended). With his pants halfway down and his “Make America Great Again” red cap on, no gag gift for any anti-Trump will, well, trump this.

Shown on the photo is, as you will discover in the link, the original version. Apparently there have been many cheap knockoffs of this scattered around. Makes sense, though, as I don’t think anyone can lay copyright ownership over the president.

The product is known as the Dump-a-Trump. It’s obviously a gag gift, but a useful one at that. Obviously it serves as a pen holder (single), but it also moonlights as a paperweight (not really something to brag about, if you ask me). But wait, the product description actually claims that it can also hold “paintbrushes, sunglasses, or even a Pence pencil.” Not sure about those but it has fairly very positive reviews—probably just those who laughed their asses of and or/are in support of what the product represents.

Anyway, enough nonsense. Click here to check it out on

Actual photo of product.

Originally listed at $24.97, but actually sells for $16.97. Click here to confirm current price.

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