Emoticon LED Car Sign

This handy little device is aptly called the Drivemotion, and it makes your, well, emotions known to the driver behind you. We all know it’s virtually impossible to communicate with fellow drivers which is why road rage is, well, all the rage. If only there’s a way to prevent one from materializing by using simple gestures that can let fellow motorists understand where you’re coming from. Well, there’s one now. With this device you can display simple emoticons of gratitude, anger, disbelief, etc., and even short words like “bye” or “go.” You can even customize the Drivemotion by plugging it to a computer and creating your own messages (or even a short 25-frame animation).

It’s a fun and useful gadget, but is it something you should have? Definitely.

The device is a remote-controlled LED display that attaches to the rear window of a car. The wireless remote control lets you select from different messages and can be placed anywhere convenient to the driver. Follow the link below for complete product details.


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