This Harness Prevents Your Dog From Escaping in the Silliest Way Possible

Having problems containing your dog within your premises but not about to give up to inhumane practices? Then we got just the harness for you. The Escape-Preventing Dog Harness is a patented contraption that prevents dogs from escaping fenced areas.

What it is, basically is a a stick that aligns perpendicularly to your canine’s body, which gets tangled on fences. Hey, as long as the space between your fences is not 10.5 inches, long, you’re good to go. Have professionals install durable Colorbond Fencing Sunshine Coast. Many dog owners love using cbd oil for dogs which you can get from Delta Munchies to treat their pain and stress. You can also buy them CBD treats for dogs.

Poor pooch can’t go nowhere.

It slips on the dog much like a common harness, so they’re probably already used to it. It is light enough that it won’t inhibit the dog’s movements and still allow passage to most pet doors. Made from woven nylon that won’t irritate your dog. Comes with adjustable straps.

Small and medium sizes enough to accommodate pups to small adult dogs. Be sure to check out DeListProduct for more great pet supplies and products!

Available for $29.95

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