Essentials-Reminding Doormat

Admit it, how many times have you forgotten any of these: your keys, your wallet, your cellphone. And, how much of a hassle was it to go through those days? Essentials are essentials and that’s the reason why they’re called just that. Unfortunately, when we get caught amidst life, we’re inevitably bound to forget one of these one day. Now, wouldn’t it be convenient to have someone reminding you every single day? Kind of like a personal assistant or a butler if you will. Someone, sure, but if it can be done by something, even better (and cheaper).

The Keys-Wallet-Cellphone Doormat will remind you without fail every time you leave, before you even close the door. It’s so simple but it’s so genius. A doormat that never forgets. That’s convenient. Especially because—as they say—once you step out that door, there’s no turning back.

Follow the link below for more details and to view other awesome doormats.



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