Fake driveway spikes

Finally, Fake Driveway Tire Spikes

Are you bothered by those who think driveways are fair game and can be used by anyone for U-turns? No? Maybe you do it, too. Either way, we think it should stop. I mean, public property ends by the sidewalk, mister, which is exactly why products like these exist.

For added security; driveway spike strips

Before you get all worked up and all, these are fake, okay? They’re actually rubber and retractable. We wouldn’t want you to go slashing tires for real just yet; this is just for added security and peace of mind. But trust us, they look real as fudge. And people are already raving about the fewer driveway invasions they’ve been getting, especially in UK residential areas.

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Retractable driveway spikes

Made by a brand literally called Drivewayspikes. Simply drive on them to get out of your driveway—no need to remove—they will literally go back to original shape. Made from recycled rubber; inch-thick base with 3-inch tall rubber spikes.

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As real as they can get
These are actually rubber, okay?

Mark Rovez

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