Falling Books Bookend

People just love wacky bookends and this is definitely one of the better ones we’ve seen lately. From Artori Design, a design firm based all the way down faraway Israel, comes Falling Bookend. The bookend supports books at an illusory falling angle that makes it stand out on a shelf and create interest and humor. It makes for an excellent centerpiece on a long table or a rather-empty bookshelf. To add to the toppling illusion, a brave little fella is strategically situated to seem as if he’s out to save the day (and your books). So brave.

The first book is placed in a strategic manner—bookend is placed between first page and cover—to allow for a single-book operation, and to prevent consequent books from sliding down.

Made from metal (painted); measures 11.5 centimeters high, 18 long, and 12 centimeters deep. Weighs 240 grams. Follow the link below to visit the official product page.


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Mark Rovez

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