Foam Mortar Launcher

If you want to up your Nerf game, you may opt to launch projectiles instead of puny bullets. What we have here is a complete, self-propelled mortar blaster canon that launches missile-shaped ammo to your opponents in no time. Eliminate the competition with one blow, go with the mortar launcher.

Foam mortar launcher
The foam mortar launcher from Nerf

The original Nerf version is called the CS Battle and can be bought here. However, these things seem to have run out on US soil and we’re seeing these very cheaply made replicas all over (Okay, we’re not really sure if they’re cheaply made but hey, a copy is a copy.)

Before we waste your time even further, we’ll save it and simply direct you to this very comprehensive video that basically explains everything about the thing and more. So, there you go. Just wish we had these when we were kids.

One of the replicas being sold on

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