Folding Portable Kayak

The Oru Kayak is literally a life-size origami. It transforms from box to boat in minutes. They currently have 5 models, all of which serve a slightly different purpose and feel. For example, one of their bestselling models, the Inlet is the smallest and easiest to set-up. It’s the model that suits most people as it’s the lightest, most portable, and easiest to assemble. On the opposite end of the spectrum, however, they have the Coast XT which is the biggest (but still portable), but is built for performance, speed, and handling.

The Inlet from Oru Kayak—a folding, portable kayak that you can literally bring anywhere.

Their potable kayaks range from $899 to $2,199 and are all available direct to consumer via their official website.

All of their kayaks fold to a decent-sized bag that you can literally carry yourself.

Folded, their kayaks measure an average of 30-40 inches wide. That’s small considering you’re getting a full-sized boat.






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