12 Funny Gifts for Engineers

Hey, engineers are not all about math. They have fun, too, right? I think so? If you want to lighten-up or cheer-up an engineer, you can choose to give them some funny things. What funny things, you ask? Look no further. Below are some funny gifts for engineers. The 10 funniest, to be honest.

Break the ice; make an engineer laugh. They deserve the break. All of the items on this gift list are priced and linked so we’ve done the dirty work. Simply select, click, and buy. Easy as pie!

The Robotic Arm

What could be more fun after a hard day’s work than have nothing to do, but lay in the couch, and not have to get up to get something for yourself? Might make the engineer look lazy, but hey, this robotic arm is fun to build and play with! It can be a great help with work as well, and play with and joke around with it with friends. Perfect gift especially for engineers.


“I am an Engeneer” Mug

Engineer wrong spelling mug

They are good with Math, definitely. They just might need to spell check with the computer every now and then! This joke never gets old among engineers, because they are not only the best in Math, but they also have that sense of humor! So yes, this is always a staple on funny gifts for engineers lists. As they say, when you are great with vocabulary and writing, then most probably, you are not really your best with numbers and computations. Same goes with engineers for one; all they work with are numbers, and so they are best with it. Check out more funny mugs here.


The Engineer’s Field Bag

This shoulder work bag can pack up all of the things that an engineer would need, and looks cool while doing so. Everything will simply fit in this bag—laptop, smartphone, measuring tools, tablet, drawing tools, calculator—you name it! The main compartment features a large main flap with a metal turning lock closure. It also has tons of gear storage available with one small pocket, one small open-top pocket, five pen-holding loops, and one large pocket. There are also two side pockets—one pocket with mesh corners and one smaller pocket which are great for small electronic devices. Okay, this may not fall under funny presents for engineers, but it is still very much a great gift just like these mens messenger bags here!


Hanz Inventor’s Kit

An engineer will surely enjoy building different cool things like this smartphone stand. It has unique design that provides incredible flexibility in building different amazing things. What he thinks he might be needing at the moment, he can surely create it with the Hanz Inventor’s Kit. He can also build some other stuff just for fun!


Binary Clock

For the computer engineer, what’s more fun than having something only he can decode? This binary clock will be a little secret, be sure to also look for some good Ergonomic Desks. It lights up different blue led lights representing the time, but in a way that only someone that can read binary code can figure out. Just for the engineers!


Unbreakable Mechanical Pencil Set

No matter how fast technology evolves nowadays with all becoming digital and instant, engineers could never work without their pencils. But now, there’ll be no more hassle with mechanical pencils that easily break! Using a special double spring technology, this pencil makes sure the lead doesn’t break no matter how you’re writing. Engineers will not only love its sturdiness, but appreciate the patent-pending technology that makes it work. Also, being that this is a “mechanical” pen, does that mean that it is a good gift for mechanical engineers?


More funny gifts for engineers

Blue Screen of Death Tee

Grab this Blue Screen of Death Tee, and get ready for a lot of compliments! So as not to overdo the usual statement shirts, it would be fun to wear something that speaks about you with this kind of T-shirt print. It’s cool, it’s obvious that it can be a great conversation starter when you go in a gathering wearing this shirt.


Flask Salt and Pepper Shakers

If you know a chemical engineer, look no further than these fun salt and pepper flasks. They’re also available for oil and vinegar. A chemical engineer will surely find these cute! These made-up “chemical element names” is a fun way to bring some character especially to a chemical engineer’s dinner table!


Engineering Cheat Sheet T-Shirt

Something looking personalized would mean a lot. Also, getting all the problem solving formulas, diagrams, etc. looks cool on a shirt like in this Engineering Cheat Sheet T-Shirt. Printing process on math crib sheet t-shirts creates slight variations in each shirt; makes a great STEM gift for your favorite chemical engineer, civil engineer, mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, aerospace engineer and more. Gets top marks from buys for fit and is available in unisex, for both men and women.


Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

An unexpected gift idea that could have a profound impact on someone’s life—a book! This is about also fixing and building, as engineering is generally about. But with this one, it is for engineering your inner soul. This will help you find happiness in life. What a refreshing gift for engineers, right?


Math Formulas Tie

Let you engineer friends geek out on the nerdiest of neckties with this math formulas-laden one. Chock-full of equations and graphs. Made from silk.


Women Engineers Mug

Finally, we have one aimed exclusively for women engineers. Inscribed on this mug is this statement that claims, “Only the strongest women become engineers.” I’m sure your lade engineer friends would agree, which is why it’s almost sure they would replace their old mug with this in no time. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why this simply item is a great gift.

Price starts at $17.95 retail for the smaller-sized option. Product link.

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