10 Funny Mother’s Day Coffee Mug Ideas

That day for the special someone who truly loves us is near. Unfortunately, while in normal times you would probably just pay her a visit, it is almost impossible during these trying times. But you already know that, right? That’s why you’re here—to look for something to send her and let you know that you still care. And yes, a coffee mug is an excellent choice, after all, she probably have just hundreds accumulated already in storage. Just kidding.

No, actually, if you want to send her something that would make her lose that dingy mug she’s been using for decades, then you’ve come to the right place. Below are some of the best (and funniest) coffee mug ideas for Mother’s Day. Enjoy and do let us know in the comments if your thoughts.

Mother’s Day Mugs

1. The one for second-born children

If at first you don’t succeed… try, try again. Love, your second born.

The first one is exclusively catered for second-born children. You know, the attempt at the opposite gender. But seriously, though this one takes a witty spin on the “If at first you don’t succeed” mantra.

2. The everyone-agrees Trump mug

You are a great mom, Great Mom. Very special, very beautiful. Really terrific. Everyone agrees. Believe me.

If everyone, including The Donald agrees on how great mom is, then I guess she really is the greatest. Oh, and you get Trump on both sides so she won’t be able to just spin on on the other side. Get this one here.

3. The Friends mug

FRIENDS (TV show) mug.

Our best guess is that your mom is at that age when Friends (the TV show) was in all its glory. Hey, it was a big deal. And she was probably there to witness it it at a rate of one show per week and one season per year. Unlike you who watched it in an afternoon or so. Ah, the good old days of no binge watching.

“The one where we were quarantined” — she would easily get that if she were a true fan. Get this one here.

4. The keep that shit up mug

You’re an awesome mom. Keep that shit up.

For the realest moms out there. If you’re mom does not sugarcoat what she thinks and enjoys a cuss here and there, then she would love this sweet, albeit vulgar mug. Get it here.

5. The one from the favorite child

My favorite child gave me this mug.

Well, she knows who the favorite is, that’s for sure. Let’s just hope that whoever gives her this mug is. Great for big families. Great for any occasion. Great Mother’s Day mug. Get if from here.

6. The vagina mug

Of all the vaginas in the world, I’m so glad I popped out of yours!

Okay, maybe this one trumps the other realest mug (#4). Although this one is not for every mom, you would know as soon as possible if your mom would enjoy this or not. Available here with some other variations here.

7. The last roll mug

To the most amazing, selfless woman who’s always willing to give up her last roll.

Perfect mug to honor the most selfless human being at these trying times. It also has “2020” on it so people from the future will easily get what it means. Get one here.

8. Sorry about your other children mug

Sorry about your other children. At least you have me!

Another great Mother’s Day mug for large families. Let’s just hope she remembers who gave it to her! Get it here.

9. The ugly children mug

Dear mom, no matter what life throws at you, at least you don’t have ugly children.

That is totally true, though. Just another way of making mom feel good this Mother’s Day. And you best know she really did not birth ugly children. Get one from this site.

10. The Bohemian Rhapsody mug

The Freddie Mercury mug.

Great for fans of Bohemian Rhapsody—both song and move, and Freddie Mercury and Queen fans (or music moms in general). Get one here.


The Mamasaurus glass

Mamasaurus glass.

Maybe for Jurassic Park fans? With a witty pun at the bottom. Well, it’s a glass this one so it’s just a bonus. Get it here.

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