Game Controller Coffee Mug

Hardcore gamers know that the struggle is real. To keep on top of the game, one needs to clock in serious gaming time. So, yes, what a seriously coveted job professional gamers have. But I digress. The Game Over coffee mug has handles that are shaped in the likeness of what looks like a PlayStation® controller. So, if you need to drink that coffee to keep you awake, you wouldn’t have to change your hand’s position and lose that form. Or, probably, your hand is already stuck in the game controller-holding position from spending hours and hours in front of the screen. Either way, this mug will work best for you. Find great products and info on gaming pc build for beginners and advanced lovers.

Made by Big Mouth Toys. Has “Game Over” printed on the bottom of the mug. Holds 12 ounces of liquid; comes in an attractive gift box. No better mug for the true gamer. Follow the link below for the product page.


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