Giant Beanbag

In this day and age, a single beanbag just does not cut it anymore—apparently. Besides, why keep the slacker lounger to yourself when you can cozy-up with someone (who shares your passion for laziness comfort). Some of these over-sized bag-o’-beans can fit as much as three adults side by side. Shown on the photo is the Slacker Sack which has a diameter of 6 feet, able to seat 2 adults or 3 kids comfortably. It is upholstered with a very plush microfiber cover that is removable and washable. It is filled with high-quality shredded polyurethane that does not lose its springiness (held by an inner liner).

Shipping weight: 80 pounds. Click on the link below for more details, reviews, and to view other models from other manufacturers.


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Mark Rovez

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