Giant Switchblade

This switchblade is so ridiculously large, you could probably bring it to a gun fight. It’s so ridiculously priced, too—a whopping $9,500—enough to hire a horde of knife men to protect you 24/7. But, some people really do love their blades and will pay anything to add to their collection. The behemoth switchblade, called the Marfione Custom HALO V 3X, is an exact, 3x-enlarged replica of the famed Halo V from Microtech Knives. It is a real switchblade, though, so be weary when pushing that button for it will surely open violently.

The whole knife measures 32.25 inches opened; its tanto-style blade is half-an-inch thick and measures 13.75 inches. The handle is made from aluminum. Comes with a huge stainless steel case and a certificate of authenticity. Follow the link below for complete product details.


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Mark Rovez

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