8 Funny Gifts for Rich Friends

What to give for someone who has everything? Good question; and the answer to that, of course, is to go funny. After all, these loaded friends of yours can probably buy anything impressive that you might think of. So, just make sure your gift leaves an impression on them with humor. Without further ado, here are some funny gifts for rich friends.

Gifts for Rich Friends

The Gift of Nothing

When you literally have nothing else to give, why not give them, nothing? Yes, nothing —but wrapped. Now, it might sound wasteful at first, but it’s definitely worth the look on their faces when they see this awesome gift.

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Things That Might Kill You Book

Rich people—especially those self-made, in general—have it figured out. Real talk? They’re probably better than most of us. And, chances are, they’re probably enjoying life in general. So, why not give them a book lists everything that might kill them? Genius? I think so.

$18.19 for the hardcover

Scratch-off Map for Their Travels

Maybe not that funny on this one, but it sure is useful. Okay, if you have rich friends, we’re sure they travel often—because why not? This map is literally like a scratch-off coupon, only it’s the whole world and you scratch out the places you’ve been to. Available from various brands in different designs. Click below to check out what’s available.

Starts at $16.08

Giant Zipper Bottle Opener

Rich friends; one thing that I can guarantee you that all rich friends have in common is that they love drinking. True story. Which is why we chose one of the coolest bottle openers here , because there are plenty. And, it’s pretty cheap, too.

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Nothing Version 2

Okay, we didn’t know there are now many versions of this gift. We did the first one back in 2015, I think, but looking at this rectangle version, it seems more direct and simple (the other one had a lot of small, unnecessary text.


1,000 Foods to Eat Before You Die Book

Because if you already have everything, you should, technically have the time resources to taste everything the world has to offer. Oh, this is probably the dream for me. And this book is good, trust us. Written by Mimi Sheraton and available in Kindle and good, old paperback. By the way, there is a 1,000 Blank Before You Die series of books.

Starts at $9.99 for Kindle

A USA Beer Cap Map

A little bit like the map for travels, but in more adventurous—some might say—light. Of course, it is obviously a map of all the states where you have been drunk had a local brew or craft beer. Quite ingenious, to be honest.

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Time Before Death Countdown Watch

Look, this is obviously a gag gift, but if you want to be all philosophical about it, let them think that this is a way to make every second count. See what I did there? Made by a company called Tikker.


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