These Boxers Can Be Customized to Show Your Girl Hugging Your Crotch

If you want to up your boxer briefs game, you can choose to go the customized-print route. And, what better thing to print on boxers that your woman hung up on your crotch. Hey, I’m sure they’ll agree—they’ll be the only ones to see them anyway, right?

Ain’t your crotch just the best?
Just a simple photo will do.

But yes, if you want to celebrate your manhood in the oddest of ways, just remind yourself of the wonderful gift you have bestowed upon your lover (or womankind, in general) that is your crotch.

Kiss variation also available.

The seller has their own team of designers so all you need to do is upload a decent photo of your lover (or pet, or whoever) and they will do the rest. The face can be printed in the aforementioned hugging-the-crotch style, kissing the crotch, or a simple multi-face print pattern. Boxer colors can also be customized.

Or a simpler multiple face pattern.

Click here to get your own customized boxers.






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