Gravity-Defying Reverse Hourglass

Defy the laws of physics with this paradoxical hourglass (quite simply known as a reverse hourglass) that counts down by moving the “sand” upwards instead of down (see what I did there?). Of course, it’s not really sand that goes in reverse—click here to find out the big secret.

reverse hourglass

Shown on the photo above is the Paradox Anti-Gravity Timer. It retails for $19.95 over at What on Earth. It’s meant to be a tea timer so there’s are helpful time guide inscribed on the sides to ensure you steep your tea to the correct strength and flavor.

The anti-gravity hourglass also has clear markings indicating how much time has passed. Measures 2.75 inches high.

May 2020 update

In addition to the original product featured above, we have found new makes and models therefore we are updating this post to reflect more useful information.

First, one made by a thermometer company.

Contra Reverse Hourglass

The Contra is a 10-minute timer that makes use of plastic balls instead of bubbles that act as the “sand.” It is made from plexiglass which makes it somewhat drop proof. Measures 6.5 centimeters high.

Available for approximately $6.00

The next one is just a simple Amazon find that has little to no information other than the fact that it is minute at only 2 inches high. It is actually more of a key chain (a functional one, at least). It is aptly called Times Up Sand timer and is only currently available in blue. Photo below.

Hourglass key chain

The somewhat odd figure (the fin-looking things on the side) is where you hook up the key ring for the key chain.

Do check it out here.

Other previously-featured hourglass (not reverse) items

Do check back often as we will be updating this page with more related items regularly.

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