Half-buried Coffee Mug

This mug is just so damn cool; there may already be a lot of knock-offs of this mug out there, but one thing’s for sure. This mug has Japan thinking written all over it. The mug, they say, was inspired by a half-buried treasure chest, which is why it’s officially called Treasure Mug. It comes in white or brown, and is slightly slanted for even more illusion goodness. The handle is even craftily trimmed at the bottom. Place the mug on real sand and no one would even dare say it’s fake. Bring it out every time your friends come over and let their imaginations run wild.

100% pure ceramic. Measures 6 centimeters at its highest point and 13 centimeters wide (including handle). Weights 200 grams. These bad boys sold out quickly on its initial release so follow the link below to check availability.


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