These Hand-Shaped Buttons Get the Thumbs Up

Do you want to give your sewing project a touch of pizzazz? Then these hand-shaped buttons might come come in handy. Mediocre puns aside, these hand buttons are just that—buttons shaped like hands. Now, it’s up to you to get creative and showcase them in the cutest way possible.

We don’t usually give product ratings but this one gets a definite thumbs up. Okay, we’re done.

Available in two (2) variations, see below.

Hand-shaped button variation 1

Wooden hand buttons

This first one is from an Etsy seller. The buttons are laser-cut from natural-finish wood. Each button measures approximately 16 by 15 millimetres. A pack of 50 costs $5.69.

Variation 2

This next one is almost identical to the first, except for the button holes. You can either punch the holes yourself or use them in a less buttony way like for embellishments of other craft projects. This one measures 20 mm.

Sold per pack of 100.

That’s it! We hope this short hand button article helped you find what you were looking for. We will update this page if we happen to see more.

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