This Hands-Free Pet Dryer Is the Pet Groomer’s Dream

Have you ever—in the middle of drying your pet—stopped and think, “Man, I wish I could use two hands to do all these other things.” You’re not alone, because that’s exactly what the genius minds at DUZ were thinking when they invented the hands-free premium pet dryer.

How were they able to do this? Glad you asked. The secret is the 360-degree adjustable drying tube that adjusts—and stays put—to any direction you aim it to. Of course it helps that the actual dryer mechanism can sit on its own on a table.

Simple and easy operation with just three touch buttons: power, fan speed, and head. Totally worth it if you have a pet shop or really just find yourself grooming pets often.

The DUZ hands-free pet dryer was being sold for $219.99 (as of writing this post). Click here to check out current price.

Mark Rovez

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