iPhone Case With Plug

If phones today are “smart,” then this case is genius. What we have here, folks, is a smartphone casing that’s a charger in one. That might not sound all that impressive until you look at the back and realize that there are actual retractable flat plugs. The phone plugs straight into the wall via the case! Deploy the plugs with a flick of a finger and retract them back into their unobtrusive location when not in use. It even has an added micro USB port at the side if you want to charge it the regular way. All this without removing the phone from the case.

Additional features include an audio-enhancing design for both the microphone and the speaker, and quick charging technology that ensures a super fast charge. Definitely genius.

Follow the link below for more product details and to check availability. Works with the iPhone 5/5s. Other smartphones models also available.


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