iPhone Negative Film Scanner

If you have a handful of 35-milimeter films hanging around collecting dust, it’s time you archive them and convert them into space-saving ones and zeros forever. By the way, this device is not just for the iPhone. Simply slide your phone into the mount, switch on the battery-powered backlight, slip your film in and snap a photo of the negative. An app aids by converting the negative into a positive; it also let’s you zoom in, adjust the color, and set the exposure. The Smartphone Film Scanner is just bonkers.

This device will definitely break that you-film camera-digital camera love triangle. Because now, each one needs the other for a threesome!

Powered by AA batteries. Measures 5.5 by 3 by 5 inches. Follow the product link below for more details, view sample snaps, and to view compatible-with smartphones, also make sure to check the phone plans available online!


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