Laser Light Illuminator

Ever wondered of a better way to illuminate trees and other objects—in the same way Christmas lights do—you know, without the hassle of unraveling miles and miles of wires? Also, something that’s a little more eco-friendly and safer? Well, look no further. The Illuminator Laser Light makes it possible to completely cover a tree with dazzling lights in 5 minutes or less. All of this is done from a distance like a flashlight. Simply position and secure the laser unit and aim; route your wires properly and voila! And yes, it’s a fricking laser!

The package comes with complete mounting accessories. The Illuminator consumes a measly 0.25 amperes of power, less than a 30-watt light bulb. 30 units of these is equivalent in consumption to 8 strands of Christmas string lights. The beam can also be adjusted to achieve desired patterns. Has a solid aluminum housing and is weather resistant. Follow the link below for complete details.


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Mark Rovez

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